Miyamoto’s Zelda team “preparing gorgeous graphics” for Zelda Wii

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was a great Zelda game, and arguably the first truly amazing title to hit the Wii. After the Windwaker controversy, people were happy to welcome back a more traditional adventure for Link. One area it didn’t quite live up to expectations perhaps, were the graphics. This was a Gamecube port after all, and people were hoping we’d see just a bit more sparkle out of the Wii version.

Well second time’s the charm, as Shigeru Miyamoto has said that his team is “preparing gorgeous graphics” for the next Zelda title to hit the system during Nintendo’s most recent financial briefing. This joins news that the title will require MotionPlus. Mr. Miyamoto however only very lightly brushed upon this point before going on to say what he thought was really important, “What I believe is very important is the realistic, actual feeling players have experienced themselves; the feeling to have really been on an adventure, to have explored the unknown terrains, to have solved the puzzle through trial and errors, to have themselves grown through various experiences! In that sense, a personal sense of creativity is becoming important among us.”

Sounds like this is one Zelda game that’s taking a lot of influence from another Nintendo franchise, but with Metroid: Other M under the hands of Team Ninja, we’re sure the games will look quite different when they’re both released, years from now.