Law to ban violent videogames passed in Venezuela

The issue of videogames becoming banned in Venezuela has been looming over the heads of gamers in the South American country for some time. Much to their dismay, the law has been approved and will go into effect sometime in the next three months. Following the passed law, violent videogames will not be allowed to be imported, sold, or made within the country.

In a recent outcry, Guido Núñez-Mujica, a gamer from Venezuela, went into great lengths expressing his dislike for the passing law. “Last year, on a trip to the US, I was able to buy a Nintendo DS for my brother, and a puzzle game that deals with using weapons to defend the fish stock of penguins in Antarctica, Defendin’ de Penguin. Early next year, when the law kicks in, bring [sic] such a game could land me in jail for 3 to 5 years…” Also mentioned by Núñez-Mujica was a list of other downsides to living in the country that the author states should be focused on first such as, oh, having one of the highest murder rates in the world.

What level of violence qualifies a game to be banned has not been distinctly specified, with some articles presenting the idea that all games will be banned, not just Grand Theft Auto or God of War. Hopefully some games will slip through the crack because Pony Friends 2 is a game no one should have to go without.