Dragon Age: Origins toolset released

BioWare has made it easier for the aspiring game makers to bring their ideas to life – from within the Dragon Age world at least. With the just released Dragon Age: Origins toolset, creators can do anything from changing camera angles to syncing speech and movements, to creating their own full-blown campaigns.

The toolset will allow us to create our wildest fantasies, allowing Lord Butterbean of Flatbottom Shoals to come to life if we so wish. Lord Butterbean would live in a castle we took from example artwork and improved on because, you know, those BioWare guys are not really in tune with the Butterbean clan. His Lordship would naturally have to endure numerous quests, with extremely pretty cut-scenes that we created with our own camera angles and cut aways.

Finally, Lord Butterbean of Flatbottom Shoals would be a mere figurehead without some conflict to test his mettle. BioWare has that covered too, as the toolset allows us to create our own battles and determine the creature AI. Lord Butterbean will have the most detailed combat history ever told over the campfires of his vast land.

To see what’s possible with the toolset, watch the video above. And then download it here, here, or here.