Sony Cambridge confident LBP PSP level library can match PS3’s

LittleBigPlanet‘s little brother on the PSP features the same great ‘create’ experience that the original broke new ground with last year, and the ability to share these levels. But with a large portion of the audience already committed to the PS3 version among other things, will the game manage to spawn as large a library of fun, diverse user-generated levels? We asked Sony Cambridge’s Laura Dilloway that very question, “Absolutely. The great thing about the PSP is that you can take it anywhere, so you can create levels on the go and at any time. You’re no longer tied to your sofa!”

There certainly are some incredible levels out there for LBP, and now with the PSP edition ideas don’t have to be constructed in the living room. “Players who are already familiar with the PS3 game won’t have to relearn anything because our functionality is essentially the same, so they’ll be able to dive straight in and get creating. Even if you’re new to LBP, it’s so intuitive that you’ll be up and creating in no time! I think we’ll get some really interesting levels.”

So an accessible game meets a play-anywhere handheld. Match made in heaven? We’ll find out when the game releases soon. Look for our full interview with Dilloway this Monday.