Yoshinori Ono is keeping an “awesome” secret

How to keep your audience interested in your products – Step 1: Catch up with the kids by creating an official Twitter page. Step 2: Get a big name developer in like Yoshinori Ono, who has worked on many Capcom games, perhaps most noticeably the Street Fighter series. Step 3: Keep everyone guessing by talking mysteriously about yet another “TOTALLY AWESOME” secret about an upcoming product.

Seems like Capcom has followed this plan to the letter today as their Twitter page got the masses talking. Over several posts we discovered that,  “Ono-san is full of surprises today. Hotness incoming…Ono showed us something TOTALLY AWESOME that we’re not allowed to talk about for a few months. He’s a total tease…”

So what’s in store for us? Super secrets for Super Street Fighter IV? Alternate modes for Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition? Ultra cool moves in Devil May Cry 4: Ultra Edition? Something completely new? We’ll find out in a few months..