Modern Warfare 2 gets censored, German-style

Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 is less than 24 hours away from being (officially) released, but it’s not without controversy. The game has received its fair share of accolades as well as criticism. Adding to the latter, an entity who’s been frightfully quiet, has woken up and distinctively imposed a censorship on one of the biggest games of all times. Yours truly, Germany.

**spoiler start**
A while ago, a scene from the game was uncovered which showed the killing of civilians by the player-controlled character. In this scene, the action of shooting down the innocent is an option, thus meaning, it is not mandatory. Germany, who has a reputation of not liking violence in videogames, has been quiet about the whole thing but it would now seem that the German version of Modern Warfare 2 will indeed have censorship. If you go about killing these people, the scene will abruptly end, apparently, with a short “Game Over” message… and you’re done.
**spoiler end**

German players unaware of this move will undoubtedly be disappointed not to get the full experience that IW is looking to convey. But with this unofficially unannounced news, do Aussies – also known for not letting violent games pass by without getting hammered somehow – now have reason to fear they will be getting this altered version as well?