Starcraft II beta pushed back to 2010

A whole mess of Q4 2009 games got pushed back into 2010, many of which did out of fear from being swallowed whole by the biggest game launch since Super Mario Bros. 3, but at least a couple of them (we presume) just weren’t finished. One of the most noticeable delays was that of Starcraft II, which has now been in development for over six years. At least eager Blizzard fans could take solace in the upcoming beta, right? Not so much, as Blizzard’s Chris Sigaty has confirmed that even the beta has been pushed back to 2010.

Am I the only one who finds this completely ridiculous? I realize Blizzard prides themselves on being perfectionists, but there’s only one campaign, and every preview I’ve read says that the game is pretty much Starcraft but prettier, what is really taking so long? Maybe this wasn’t really a Starcraft II delay, but rather a Battle.Net delay? I’m sure the game will be fantastic, but the wait is really starting to get annoying. Do they realize the entire country of South Korea is in a frenzy?