Rock Band to feature tunes from Sonic games?

For those people that can’t get enough Sonic the Hedgehog despite the less than stunning offerings released lately, players may be able to unleash some of his tunes in Rock Band. GoNintendo has spotted that Crush 40, known for supplying songs for many Sonic games, posted recently on their Facebook page “Crush 40 in Rock Band you say? Stay Tuned…”

While Crush 40 does create songs other than those used in games for Sega’s main mascot, with the release of the band’s upcoming greatest hits album titled “Super Sonic Songs” chances are good that the songs would be those previously used in Sonic titles. The brief comment also doesn’t reveal if these will be available through the traditional method or the upcoming Rock Band Network service. Either way you may be opening your heart and your wallet for some new Sonic jams sometime in the future.