Over the Edge: Indie devs protest App Store trademark takedowns

Things are getting dicey in the indie games community this week. Spearheaded by fans and developers from TIGsource, the close-knit community has undertaken a parodic protest in opposition to Edge Games president Tim Langdell’s continued attempts to have games containing the word ‘edge’ taken down from Apple’s iPhone App Store. But instead of the usual online petitions and angry blog posts, the indie devs have gone several steps further: They’re calling Langdell out by changing the titles of their own games to include the word ‘edge,’ and in the process, instigating a large-scale public mockery of the CEO’s repeated transgressions against game developers.

Within just a few short days, the sardonic protest has achieved meme status, attracting hordes of notable sympathizers to its cause. As of yesterday, Canabalt and Eliss, two of the most popular games on the iPhone App Store were renamed ‘Canabedge’ and ‘Edgeliss’ by their respective developers. Polytron’s 2D/3D platformer Fez is now called ‘Fedge.‘ Even Capybara’s adorable and addictive puzzle game Critter Crunch is being re-branded as ‘Critter Credge.’

Needless to say, the whole debacle is generating an amazing sense of solidarity amongst members of the indie dev community. If you’re feeling lost on this whole issue, TIGSource has a pretty extensive article that explains the long history of Langdell’s incessant trademark bullying. We can only hope that after all of this public humiliation, Langdell will finally come to his senses and leave his ways behind.