Naughty Dog to share tech secrets with other PS3 devs

When it came to the PS3 exclusive hit Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, developer Naughty Dog went all out. Somehow they vastly improved the already incredible original game’s graphics to make one of the visually impressive games of all time. Naturally, you’d think they would want to hoard all their secrets to themselves, right? Don’t be so cynical.

It turns out that Naughty Dog will share a lot of the techniques they used to make Uncharted 2 so darn good looking with other PS3 devs, and not just first-party ones. Lead designer Neil Druckmann is hoping that “you’re going to start seeing that shift, where more and more games that aren’t even Sony first-party games get similar [technical] results to what we have, hopefully.”

To help achieve this “shift” Druckmann and company have been developing tools for other developers to use for a few years now, with the goal being to help all PlayStation games be as awesome looking as the ones he makes.