Rockstar on videogame violence, “a bit silly”

Everywhere you turn, there it is. Modern Warfare 2. It’s been on everyone’s mind lately, and even more since its titanic launch. But it’s been full of controversy ever since the “No Russian” episode and once again, media slams the hammer on videogame violence.

Rockstar’s Dan Houser had a little chat with Times Online about this. Not about Infinity Ward’s latest, but about violence in videogames, saying it’s all getting “a bit silly” and that videogames are and have always been an easy target. Houser says, “It feels at last like we’re moving on from that debate. The audience is getting past 30 so it all becomes a bit silly. That’s not to say that all games are for all people; we’ve never said that. GTA has always been rated 18 and we’ve always been very happy with that.”

And just the way every gamer is fighting the sometimes ignorant reports by the media, Houser goes on to compare movies with games which, especially as of the launch of Modern Warfare 2, should be viewed as mainstream as any form of entertainment out there. “Nevertheless, we do get frustrated when video games are singled out and movies are given a free pass. Manhunt 2 was banned in the same week that Saw was released. The arguments become quite ludicrous quite quickly when people argue that games are somehow more dangerous than full-motion video.”

Houser defends his position as the creator of one of the most violent videogames ever, but despite that, we wonder when the time will come when media stops scapegoating videogames and let them be… ? We might get there, but be sure, it’ll take some time.