BioShock’s protagonist becomes religious figure in BioShock 2

BioShock‘s silent protagonist Jack won’t be making an appearance in the game’s upcoming sequel, but that doesn’t mean his presence won’t be felt, as the residents of Rapture are still discussing his brief (but busy) visit more than a decade later.

“His story, for the purposes of ‘BioShock 2,’ is over, in terms of his world driving narrative. That said, the things that he did are being fiercely debated by the splicers, because we wanted to support any of the choices the player could have made in the first game,” Creative Director Jordan Thomas told MTV Multiplayer. “It’s become kind of a religious question; what he did at the end of ‘BioShock 1.'”

Whether you chose to be “evil” by harvesting the Little Sisters for their sweet store of Adam or “good” by rescuing them doesn’t matter, as there’s no mention of importing save data. Rather, BioShock 2 will use ambiguously written dialogue to account for both possible choices. Personally, I don’t see how they can account for two such drastically different endings without being maddeningly vague, but then again madness is par for the course in Rapture.