Dante’s Inferno takes you to hell

Get this. That Dante’s Inferno game about a guy going to hell and killing other guys was once a book. I know! Books, man, they’re so cool. Books also have stories in them and since the game is based on a book it must have a story too. I want to know about said story, but I don’t want to read because it hurts my brain. What can I do?

Oh look, a story trailer for Dante’s Inferno with a minimum amount of text. Now I don’t have to read a single thing and my life can go on in blissful ignorance. In fact I think one could reasonably suggest that instead of reading the epic poem we could all just watch this trailer. I doubt professors or teachers would notice, and it would save you a hell of a lot of time while still allowing to grasp the themes of death, sinning and phallic stuff.

In case you’re wondering, making fun of Dante’s Inferno for being an action game based upon one of the greatest pieces of literature ever will never get old.