Lost Planet 2 pre-orders get Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker as a playable charcter

Lost Planet 2 is shaping up to be pretty darn awesome, and to further solidify its high quantities of awesome, Capcom has announced that one of the best villains in all of videogames, Albert Wesker, will be making an appearance in the game. Unfortunately, he will not be waxing poetically about the human race being reborn in the form of mutants who may or may not bare a close resemblance to what we refer to as zombies, but he will be rocking his goofy shades as hard as he can as a character skin in the Lost Planet 2 multiplayer mode. That is totally awesome.

The only problem is that the skin is only available as a pre-order bonus from a North American GameStop, and that knocks the awesomeness down a peg or two.