Not a lot of “newness” in Final Fantasy XIII

Speaking with FinalFantasyUnion, Square Enix head Yoichi Wada confessed that Final Fantasy XIII won’t be straying from the typical Final Fantasy formula. “It’s not there are new elements that are included into the Final Fantasy XIII, there are elements that are included that is expected out of the Final Fantasy title itself, for example a beautiful story, it being emotional and moving and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy,” Wada explained. “Those are included, but there is not a lot of newness to it. But when we take a look at a lot of Western game titles recently it is based on the real-world most of them, and with regards to some of the artworks in a sense it might look new because it is based on a fantasy story.”

Anyone with a disgust for epic RPG stories featuring androgynous and emotionally withdrawn protagonists in impractical outfits may want to stay away from Final Fantasy XIII as it seems it may not be revolutionizing the JRPG genre. Fans of the aforementioned androgyny and impracticality have a lot to look forward to next month when Final Fantasy XIII is released in Japan. The US and Europe will have to wait until March.