Closing Pandemic the “right decision” according to ex-employee

And so it came to pass that Pandemic, developers of great titles like Mercenaries, and not so great titles like Mercenaries 2 sadly closed their doors as part of EA’s job cuts, just weeks before The Saboteur launches. There’s almost a sense of deja-vu as it was nearly a year ago now that Free Radical faced similar difficulties. You may remember some of the controversial statements made by people who had lost their jobs back then, and it’s seemingly no different with Pandemic.

One apparent ex-employee of the developer gave an insight on NeoGAF, surprisingly placing the blame where you wouldn’t expect it. “I can tell you one thing,” he started, “The reason why the studio closed down has everything to do with the existing Pandemic management. From what we were told, Pandemic management was given free reign to do as they please. Time and time again, they dropped the ball with bad decisions (promoting/keeping people based on loyalty, no production accountability, misallocation of resources, poor milestone objectives, no mentoring, etc.). It’s a true shame, as there was a lot of talent and passion at the studio.”

When it came to EA however, his tune was slightly different, “they probably made the right decision as Pandemic cost a lot to upkeep and, quite frankly, the last few products weren’t up to snuff.” It’s true that Lord of the Rings: Conquest and Mercenaries 2 weren’t the studios best, but with other games like Star Wars: Battlefront under their belts, we’re still sad to see them go.

The Saboteur is out next month, we hope that it really is the proper “swan song” the devs deserve.