Independent Games Festival announces record entry numbers

The videogame industry has had its fair share of tragedy this year. But even amid massive studio liquidations and creativity-squelching CEOs, the upcoming Independent Games Festival remains a beacon of hope, boasting a record number of entries, both in its main competition and student showcase.

The festival’s organizers are reporting that IGF 2010’s main competition has experienced a 30% increase in entries from last year, receiving a grand total of 306 submissions, many of which are new titles from a multitude of distinguished indie developers. The Festival’s Student Showcase also has a strong showing this year, with 193 entries (33% increase). All entries will be deliberated on by a group of 160 notable industry judges, with selected finalists moving on to the final showdown at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next March.

IGF will also be having one more competition, IGF Mobile, which will focus on games for portable platforms such as iPhone, Android, PSP and DS. Be sure to check out the IGF website for a complete list of all the games that will be competing at at this year’s festival.