R.U.S.E. VIP beta this month

Imagine a world where things are not quite what they seem. Imagine your GPS map telling you that the enemy was no where near, then the next thing you know, there they are. Okay, so that is not something that would happen to the normal person – try this. Imagine turning on the TV because Battlestar Galactica was supposed to start up again and the first episode is about to air and there is nothing but Murder She Wrote marathons playing on all the channels. That’s what R.U.S.E. is all about, showing you the possibility of Starbuck and giving you Angela Lansbury, and Ubisoft wants you to get in on the action. The R.U.S.E. action, not the geriatric crime solving one.

Ubisoft plans to launch the next phase of the R.U.S.E. beta with their extended multiplayer VIP beta, but access is going to be a limited affair with only selected worldwide participants, with only selected partners able to give away beta keys for access. The beta will initially only include the US and Germany as in-game factions, three maps, and basic multiplayer features, and will be updated throughout testing to include the USSR, France, Italy, and the UK, as well as more maps and gameplay modes.

Keep checking back here and at the official website for details on where to get your key.