Soap speaks on the Call of Duty movie

Let’s be honest, a Call of Duty movie is coming. It would be financially irresponsible not to make it now that Modern Warfare 2 sales have cemented its place as the biggest launch in gaming. Don’t expect anything concrete for a while yet though, as according to Kevin McKidd, the heavily Scottish voice of Modern Warfare hero Soap MacTavish, “there are talks of a feature film.”

But would the Rome actor be reprising his role in the movie? “If the script is good, and Gerard [Butler] isn’t available [laughs], then absolutely.” Gerard Butler of course is the other big Scottish accent in Hollywood, most famous for his loud, brash role as King Leonidas in 300.

It seems that there’s still some time before a Call of Duty movie makes any real progress then. Then again, with Modern Warfare 2 set to take up every minute of gaming time for the foreseeable future, we can wait.