Rebellion confirms dedicated server support for AvP

Some weeks ago, at the height of the dedicated server discussion sparked by Infinity Ward’s decision to go with IWNet instead, Aliens vs. Predator developer Rebellion’s senior producer David Brickley was asked whether or not the game would have dedicated servers. At the time, a clear answer was hard to come by, with the man finally saying that “running an operation like that is monumentally expensive”.

Today, a company rep shot over a message to set things straight, saying that Rebellion’s Jason Kingsley has confirmed support for dedicated servers. “Despite rumours, Rebellion has always been planning to support dedicated servers for AvP PC and we can now officially confirm that this is the case. Rebellion has always appreciated fan support. We’re really looking forward to the release of AvP as much as you guys are!,” the CEO says.

“Speculation over whether Rebellion developed AvP will support dedicated servers can now end!,” the rep adds.