Dragon Age was also an age of keeping thine pantaloons buttoned

Sure, there are some parts of Dragon Age: Origins where the game’s characters give in to carnal desires and resort to “bumping rumpatay’s,” as the townsfolk say. But the game shows restraint where films like Basic Instinct and V.I. Warshawski had none – there are no depictions of nudity within the game.

BioWare CEO and co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka says this was solely an artistic choice by the development team. “We don’t constrain what they do. We don’t strive for gratuitous content,” he explains. “But we also ask the teams to choose a direction and then run with it. That was their choice. That’s how they wanted to depict the romantic liaisons in the game, so that’s what we did.” To be sure, Dragon Age is great, but don’t you think the game would benefit from the inclusion of a naked Kathleen Turner?