Dante’s Inferno gets viral again with fake game

Remember E3 all those months ago? You may or may not remember a little viral campaign that EA had out on a street corner just outside the convention hall “condemning” their upcoming Dante’s Inferno. It was actually pretty damned clever, getting some at the show to actually discuss its high level of ridiculousness. Then the truth came out, everyone either went “hah!’ or “rascals!” and went on with enjoying the show.

Well, looks like they’re at it again. This time in the form of a fake game. That game is called Mass: We Pray. Playing on the popularity of motion-sensing controllers and the Wii Balance Board, the game offers a cross-shaped controller that will read your assuredly religious movements, and a kneeler for religiously kneeling. Again, it all looks somewhat legit, but the maddening level of ridiculousness makes it suspicious. Sure enough, go and try to pre-order the game, and you’ll get a message of condemnation about not keeping Sunday holy and then being whisked off to a trailer for Dante’s Inferno.

You have to admit, the stuff is clever, and definitely gets the game some attention. Whether that’s good or bad attention, all I’m able to really say is: Hah! Rascals!