BioWare is keeping a secret

In a recent episode of GTTV, BioWare co-founder and CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka mentioned that the company is working on something we are yet to hear of. “There’s some stuff that hasn’t been announced yet that we’re really excited about,” he teased, stuff that’s apparently “different than anything you’ve heard of to date.”

Whatever it is, it appears to be a new completely new intellectual property as the LinkedIn profile of one Daniel Roy states he worked at BioWare as a Senior Producer on an “unreleased original IP” from January 2008 to June 2009. Seeing as both the first Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins were already released or announced well before 2008, it appears to fit.

BioWare’s official site also states the company has a “New Next Gen Game” in development. Though since the “next gen” term has been horribly misused in the last few years, we’ve reached out to BioWare to see if they mean this-next-gen or actual-next-gen.