Two Sony consoles outsell Nintendo, top the list for a week in Japan

Sales figures can mean a number of things when the status quo changes. They can just mean that some cool game came out for an underdog system, or it just mean bad games came out for the generally leading one. For one week, that which ended November 15 to be exact, some fluke happened in Japan. Not only did Sony’s PSP (Not the Go) outsell Nintendo’s generally top dog DSi, but so did the PlayStation 3. Yep, they filled the top two spots. Tough to decide what the crazy thing is: Sony scoring a top two week, or Nintendo’s Japanese grasp showing more signs of slippage (that Wii’s been sinking on the list quite a bit). List in order of top seller to bottom dweller follows.

PSP: 38,770
PS3: 38,498
DSi: 33,749
Wii: 26,764
PSP go: 6,427
DS Lite: 5,036
Xbox 360: 4,124
PS2: 2,031