Facebook users ‘Go To Hell’

Facebook users can now show people how they really feel about their friends, enemies, or practically anything else with the Go To Hell app by Visceral Games. Taking a cue from Dante’s Inferno, the videogame inspired by the classic literary poem The Divine Comedy, the app tasks users to fill the nine circles of hell with offenders. Got a buddy who orders ten tacos and commits a deca-taco-ron sin by eating them all without offering you any? Send him to Gluttony. Your bosses refuse to give you a raise? Off to Greed with them. With seven other circles of hell – Limbo, Lust, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery – there is sure to be a place suitable for all those on your friend list.

Once someone has been sent to the bowels of hell with the app, you can decide to punish or absolve them and see how the community reacts with the Hell Browser. Not only that, but the browser also shows a snapshot of the day-to-day activity in hell and who has been the most condemned person. “This app is awesome! Not only will it be a blast to see who the world sends to hell, but it’s also a great opportunity to take Dante’s notion of the 9 circles of hell and make it current and relevant for people who may not be familiar with the poem,” said executive producer Jonathan Knight. “Let the damning begin.”