Sony fixes Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines problems

Sony, while a day late, is not making purchasers of Assassin’s Creed: Bloodines come up a dollar short; or we suppose in this case, a pound short. Yesterday we told you about an issue several users of the European PSN were having with the original downloadable version of the game. The game was released with an error that would not allow purchasers to proceed beyond the first load screen and was quickly pulled and fixed. The problem comes into play due to the fact that Sony put the repaired version on the PSN as a new game and not a replacement, leaving those early adopters with a nifty Assassin’s Creed branded screensaver and automatic system turner-off-er.

Springing into action, Sony has made it known that they will make nice with anyone who bought the game upon its initial release. “Yes, there was an issue with the original download,” a Sony spokesperson said. “It was pulled from the store and we are issuing replacement codes for those people who purchased the content before 12pm GMT on 20th November.”

Thanks again to tipster GainCain for letting us know about this issue, let us know how things turn out.