Calling horror game for Wii puzzles

When we were kids, our breath was held when passing the graveyard and old man McGee down the street was the monster we had to worry about. If we wanted a scare, we would turn off the lights in the school bathroom and try to say Bloody Mary three times to see if she showed up in the mirror. These days, the frights and scares have to be more interactive and technologically advanced, something Hudson is well aware of.

Enter Calling, a Wii-sclusive title, in the vein of the movie The Ring. A strange website, containing nothing but a blank page with a lone number counter that some say is a tally of people that have died after viewing the site, is the center of rumors. Thinking the site is some sort of viral marketing or prank, players visit the site and see something strange, suddenly realizing that the site is no hoax it is too late as they are trapped within the site itself. Using nothing but the Wii Remote and survival instincts, players must find clues to solve the mystery of the site and get out safely.

Stay tuned, unless this page is replaced with nothing but a counter. In that case, run like crazy.