Lucidity receiving update due to being “particularly punishing”

Some veteran gamers were up in arms over New Super Mario Bros. Wii playing itself, but Nintendo isn’t the only one trying to take it easy on those players that just want to have a good time. LucasArts has announced on their blog that changes will be made to puzzle/platformer Lucidity to make things a bit easier.

Released for Xbox Live Arcade and PC in early October, the team behind the game has stated that due to people finding the game “particularly punishing,” an update will be made to make guiding little Sofi less of a nightmare. The update will feature, but may not be limited to, the addition of checkpoints to make a late level death less infuriating. The update has been applied to the PC version as of Nov. 25th with the changes to hit Xbox Live Arcade sometime in the not-so-specific “coming weeks.”