BioWare experimenting, wants to “distill” what they make

BioWare isn’t exactly known for small games. They’ve released Sonic Chronicles for the DS and the generally poorly reviewed Mass Effect: Galaxy for the iPhone, but it’s their mammoth RPGs which come to people’s minds when they think of the company’s name. Regardless, capturing that “BioWare experience” and delivering it in “worthwhile” chunks across several platforms is still very much what BioWare wants to accomplish.

Says co-founder Greg Zeschuk, “… what we’re trying to do is find a way of capturing the BioWare experience in a smaller or different platform and making it worthwhile to release. I think that’s actually the fundamental thing that we try to do, is try to distill what we make. That has really been our objective on DS and iPhone. It’s like, ‘Can we capture whatever it is and put it on there?'”

Trying to figure out how to do that is an on-going process at BioWare, Zeschuk says, and something they just have to keep at.