Brink dev wants to support the modding community, may not be as simple anymore

Supporting the modding community as extensively as they once did may not be as easy with Brink, Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgewood says. And it’s all thanks to those suit-wearing-types.

When talking about extending the level of modder support they’ve supported their games with in the past to the Brink community, Wedgewood said, “It’s a more difficult question to answer now because ZeniMax, who owns Bethesda Softworks, has bought id Software [Brink runs on a modified version of id Tech 4], so it’s not just a question of me calling my mate and asking: ‘Is it alright if I release the source code?'”

That’s not to say he wouldn’t want to see that to happening. Wedgewood says the now 6.5-year old Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is still seeing new maps and mods from the community and that Splash Damage “would absolutely love to – time allowing and everything else – continue supporting the mod community in the way we always have done.”