BioWare’s future PS3 development in-house

BioWare’s experience of bringing Dragon Age: Origins to the PlayStation 3 appears to have warmed them to the possibility of future PlayStation developments. In a recent interview, co-founder Greg Zeschuk stated that their partnership with developer Edge of Reality for Dragon Age was a ‘good process’, and the developers will definitely be bringing out more PS3 titles in the future.

When asked if BioWare will be keeping their PS3 development in-house, Zeschuk replied: “We have quite a few people working in-house as well. So yeah, absolutely. We think it’s one of the key platforms, obviously, so we’re definitely going to be doing PS3. You know, I can’t say anything about Mass Effect in that regard but you know, I can definitely say Dragon Age and other things we do will definitely be on PS3.

“It was great going through the experience of making Dragon Age, getting familiar with and understanding the PS3. Again, every platform is different, but now I think we’re at the the position where future PS3 stuff will be really solid.”

Zeschuk even seemed to enjoy the process of translating Dragon Age from the PC to the PS3 and 360, something that many developers would cringe at. “I would say it was very interesting and challenging to take the richness of the PC game of Dragon Age, with all these different powers and everything else, and actually try to transpose it to the consoles,” he said. “With that experience, I think we succeeded there. We never ever want to play a BioWare game of any type that feels like it is secondhand or a sacrificed experience just because they happen to choose platform A, B, or C.”

The BioWare co-founder also admitted he doesn’t favour one version over another, and that the PC and console editions offer different experiences to gamers.

“Where the PC has got the traditional Baldur’s Gate top-down [perspective], the PS3 and 360 are over-the-shoulder and they do have that kind of, very KOTOR feel,” he said. “It actually feels more action-y than the PC does. I recommend both platforms actually, PC and console versions.”