7 days around the MMO world / November 29

What a week it has been for the MMO industry even with the long American holiday weekend. This week we had awesome things coming out of the NCSoft camp in regards to their hit game Aion. On top of that ArenaNet founder Jeff Strain is shaking up the MMO genre while¬† the anticipation of EVE Online’s next expansion is coming to an apex.

If nothing changes at the last minute for CCP, this Tuesday will mark the release of the very anticipated Dominion expansion to EVE Online, putting the game one step closer to what CCP described to us as a full package sci-fi MMO. The above video is just a taste what’s coming in the expansion but it’s nonetheless full of awesome. The new expansion brings big changes to the sovereignty system as well as changes to balancing to ships.

The full details of what Dominion will bring can be seen on the expansion’s official site. But if you want deeper insight on the overall plans for the future of EVE Online after the Dominion expansion comes out then check out our interview with CCP we did during PAX 2009. For EVE fans this 12th expansion should be a welcome addition to the ever expanding vastness of the complex space MMO. Dominion puts EVE one step closer to out-of-ship exploration and a tie in with the console MMO from CCP Dust 514.

We don’t know exactly how to feel about former ArenaNet’s Jeff Strain and his new MMO development studio Undead Labs. We do know that Strain is coming out guns blazing trying to shake up the established MMO universe by making an console exclusive MMO based in zombie lore. The hows and whys of the scenario are still a mystery as Undead Labs isn’t ready to talk about the details of the game they’re developing.

Fortunately we do know a couple things like the fact that the sole existence of Undead Labs is only to make this zombie based MMO. In the initial media flurry coming out of the newly established studio one thing was made clear: Jeff Strain is dedicated to bring MMOs to the console and is focused on demolishing all established preconceptions of the MMO genre. Strain wants to throw away all the current notions of MMOs and redefine them entirely with the console as its focal point.

Needless to say we’re very intrigued about what Undead Labs has in store for the genre. We’re hoping that someone who had a hand in making a subscription quality MMO work in a free-to-play model like Guild Wars and who had a hand in World of Warcraft will have the know-how and clout to back up his claims to change the industry. One thing is for sure, we here at TVGB will be keeping a close eye on Undead Labs and are looking forward to seeing a glimpse of this zombie based MMO for consoles.

When we watch this video showing of the graphical updates coming to Aion all we can say is “wow”. Ignoring everything else one thing is for sure when you see it, the damn thing is gorgeous. While on the surface it looks like merely a graphical update to the already gorgeous game, it is actually a full fledged update with tons of new features and additions.

On top of the gorgeous new graphics Aion is getting seasons and visual changes based on what season it is. They are also adding in mounts, legion housing, swimming, underwater cities, new zones as well as new spells and gear. So not only will the game look a whole lot better but there will be tons of new content for players to get their hands on.

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