Q-Games and Nintendo release Reflect Missile

Q-Games, the developer of the PixelJunk games for the PSN as well as Art Style: DigiDrive on Game Boy Advance, have been quietly working with Nintendo on an original title. Earlier last week it was found out that the project is named Reflect Missile, thanks to it showing up on the COB website (the Australian ESRB).

Based on the recent re-release of DigiDrive as a five-dollar DSiWare download, we now know the game is available among other DSiWare releases of the week, for 500 Wii Points. Check below for the official description; The enemy blocks are in for a beating.

“Action, puzzle and strategy meet head-on in Reflect Missile! Use the Touch Screen and stylus to launch an arsenal of missiles and destroy all enemy blocks in each stage. Enemies are surrounded by obstructing blocks, so you’ll need to think strategically and aim carefully to take them all out.

“To aid you in your mission, you’re armed with a variety of unique types of missile. Reflector missiles bounce around the screen, taking out blocks as they go. Drillers bore through up to six blocks in one shot. Bombers destroy all blocks within a certain blast radius. But don’t squander your missiles; you only have a set number with which to complete each stage.

“Clearing stages with missiles left over earns you medals, which unlock even more stages – up to 200 in total! With various difficulty levels and a quick play mode, Reflect Missile will prove a relaxing challenge for players of all abilities.”