Fancy going to E3 in your underwear? Now you can! Maybe…

I’ve never been to a videogame convention before. I imagine it’s all a bit weird. Speccy nerds queuing to play FaceShooter3 and dribbling over booth babes is how I picture it. Not for me, thanks. I’d rather dribble over endless trailers and booth babe pics in the comfort of my own home, thank you very much. It’s far more dignified. Also, less chance of swine flu.

For those of you that feel the same, you may be interested in the rumor that major gaming conventions could soon be piped directly into your living room, courtesy of Xbox Live. Or, at least, virtual representations of them.

An online questionnaire spotted by a Destructoid reader is suggesting just such a scenario. “Imagine that interactive, online versions of E3, BlizzCon, GamesCon, ComicCon and every other major video game convention were made available through Xbox Live.”

The questionnaire explains that a potential “Virtual Video Game Convention Service” would allow players to walk around a virtual show floor using their Avatar. Booths from the major gaming companies would be included and participants could watch trailers, interviews, keynotes and download demos and betas. All the good stuff of the expos, basically, without the need for pesky social interaction. Me likey!