Serious Sam: The Next Encounter getting the HD treatment in 2010

It seems that Croatian developers don’t like taking breaks. Not even a week after Serious Sam HD was released on Steam, developer Croteam has announced that Serious Sam HD: The Next Encounter will be released in early 2010. The game will be released on PC and “home consoles” according to the press release, which would leave the door open on a possible PS3 port that the first game was lacking. The game will also feature a co-op tournament mode, but no other details were given.

I haven’t gotten the chance to play the HD remake, but I played plenty of Serious Sam when it first came out, and if you’re a fan of things that are absolutely bonkers, these games are right up your alley. Second Encounter was superior due to the totally nuts level design (trampoline rooms filled with kamikaze bombers), so this is great news in my book.