Army of Two mask and armor creator goes live

So, I was replaying the first Army of Two game a couple months ago, getting my mind right for some hands-on action with the sequel at PAX, when I realized something; Salem and Rios need to go shopping. Of course, I would not say that to their faces as they are really big guys, however non-existent they may be, one can never be too safe. The point is that the duo has been wearing the same flame and skull masks since the first game and should really visit the local Hired Killer Supplies and Tackle Shop for some new face maskery.

Thankfully, EA sent over word that we will not have to worry about spending time with the guys at the mall, dodging mallrats, looking for an updated look in Army of Two: The 40th Day. Apparently the developers felt the same as we did, both about the masks and not telling Salem or Rios, and found a way to rectify the situation. Enter the release of the Custom Mask and Armor Creator, a web-based application that will allow the – you guessed it – creation of custom masks and armor for use in-game.

Using the creator, masks and armor can be made using the online art tools, text, and ready made shapes. The designs can then be pushed forward and backward on layers, differing opacity can be applied, and then resized over and over to make the perfect look for shooting fools in the head. The designs will then be made available in the game with masks in both the single-player and multiplayer and armor only in the multiplayer.

No word on what happens when one of the guys notices that he has a fluffy pink bunny on his head. Woe to you if that happens.