Contact developer reveals new DS RPG Space Agency

Audio Inc, the studio behind DS titles Contact and Sakura Note has revealed another RPG for the DS called Space Agency, by way of the poorly translated and hilarious trailer seen above. If you’ve played Contact (and shame on you if you haven’t), the art style should be familiar to you. Character sprites sit atop lush, rendered backgrounds as blocks of text promise a “space action RPG” with lots of customization. The trailer, which more closely resembles a YouTube video cut together by a 10-year-old using Windows Movie Maker, is full of memorable ‘Engrish’ one-liners that should make people who still get giddy over ‘All Your Base Are Belong To Us’ fairly happy.

Here’s a description from one of the video’s many repulsive-looking text blocks: “Players travel [to] different planets, and raise various skills like negotiation, character, adaptation to environment, pheromone, and table manners, etc. This game is A-RPG.”

I’ll be damned if I shuffle off this mortal coil without playing an RPG that has ‘table manners’ as a buildable skill, so hopefully Space Agency will be available to us gaijin as well, if it gets a release at all. So far, Contact is the only Audio Inc title that has been released outside of Japan, so we can only hope that this terrible trailer doesn’t dissuade prospective publishers from releasing the title abroad.