Updated / Europe gets Final Fantasy XIII box art, a chocobo yawns

Updated: The North American version is identical.

Original story: Final Fantasy XIII may be a big-budget sci-fantasy RPG offering gorgeous visuals and a dramatic story, but you probably couldn’t tell that from looking at the somewhat boring European box art that Square Enix revealed today. Even if you’re a fan of the whole ‘minimalism’ thing, when it comes to box art, you have to admit that Square Enix has seen better days.

Yoshitaka Amano’s lavish character illustrations have been eschewed once more in lieu of a rendered graphic of the game’s main protagonist, Lightning, standing in front of a plain-jane white background with the game’s logo on top. The cover is a  considerable departure from Final Fantasy XII‘s incredibly busy box art, which looks more like a movie poster for a George Lucas space opera. Still no signs of the North American box art, but hopefully it will be a little bit more appealing. Final Fantasy XIII releases in both territories on March 9th.