Akira Yamaoka confirms departure from Konami

Rumors were circulating yesterday of Silent Hill series producer and composer Akira Yamaoka resigning from Konami. Today, Original Sound Version has confirmed from the man himself that Yamaoka is, in fact, leaving Konami and presumably, the foggy town of Silent Hill. It isn’t known what the future holds for Yamaoka, who has worked for Konami for 16 years and is best known for his haunting compositions in the Silent Hill series. The possibility of him continuing work on game music, production or a solo album is still up in the air, but Original Sound Version promises an extensive interview with Yamaoka regarding his resignation and future plans within the next few days.

Silent Hill won’t be the same without Akira Yamaoka behind the soundscape design, but it’ll be interesting to see in what direction he ultimately goes.