EA to release around 40 games in 2010

After releasing over 50 games this year, EA has said that it will only release around 40 games in 2010 as it looks to reduce costs and focus more on high quality games, amongst other plans to cut 1500 jobs. Speaking at the Reuters Global Media Summit, EA CEO John Riccitiello noted that the number of games being released in the year following could drop even lower, “Thirty wouldn’t shock me at some point in the future.”

While speaking in a video interview (below), Riccitiello went on to discuss the rise in hardware sales due to the price cuts of all three major consoles and how much more sales will jump when the consoles eventually drop to around $149, whenever that may occur, “The lowest price hardware out there is $199. In the history of our industry most hardware sells for $149 or below and so that’s still in front of us. So that makes us feel good about the longer term as hardware manufacturers get to that price point we’ll see yet again a big pick up in sales.”