Gunhead, the guy with a gun for a head

How can crap games like Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed and Left 4 Dead already be getting sequels when a gem like Gunhead, EA’s would-be masterpiece about a guy with a gun for a head, struggles to be taken seriously?

Though currently rumored to be in development at EA Vancouver, the project has been pitched to other development studios in the past. Apparently, none of them thought the idea of “a guy whose head is a gun” was a strong enough foundation on which to craft a videogame franchise. I guess some people don’t like rolling around on giant piles of cash.

“EA has been trying to get this game made for ages now,” an anonymous developer shared with Blue’s News. “It was a pretty lame idea, and we had no real interest in developing it for them [but] every so often, I hear it pop up here and there, and it makes me laugh that they are still trying.” Hope never dies, not unless it picks a fight with a guy with a gun for a head anyway.