Matt Hazard’s next hitting in early January

Fans of wanton destruction and self-referential videogame humor have something to look forward to in the early days of the year 2010 — Blood Bath and Beyond, the next game in the Matt Hazard saga will be coming to XBLA and PSN on January 6th, just in time for you to recover from that nasty New Year’s hangover.

This time, Hazard is coming at you Contra-style with a co-op side-scrolling shooter that we can only assume will contain generous amounts of guns, explosions and saucy witticisms. But without the convenience of over-the-counter genetic cloning, how will Hazard undertake this co-op mission by himself? Well, that’s precisely where his new sidekick, Dexter Dare comes in. Dexter may be a burnt-out slob with a serious mana drinking problem, but he isn’t too plastered to help Matt out on his quest for glory. Check below for some new screenshots of Matt and Dexter in action.