New EGM getting some of its veteran writers back

Even though Electronic Gaming Monthly has been gone for almost year, a couple of their seasoned veterans have decided to return to the magazine they helped to build. Dan “Shoe” Hsu and Demian Linn will be back to contribute to the revitalized EGM but will still remain active with their current roles at Bitmob.

“I am thrilled to see Dan and Demian on board the new EGM,” said Steve Harris, Publisher of the new EGM. “Both of these journalists have a keen understanding of the industry they report on, and that exceptional insight is something I know readers will value. Both did a fantastic job of retaining and building upon EGM’s independent voice after I left the magazine, and Dan’s role as editor in particular was instrumental in the publication’s rise to its leading position in the industry.”

Both Hsu and Linn have had an extensive background in the videogame industry with time spent at EGM and various other gaming outlets including founding the game website Bitmob. Bitmob will also be providing several other contributors to the new EGM although the site still intends to remain a separate entity.