PixelJunk Shooter dated for US and EU, delayed in Japan thanks to Final Fantasy XIII

Good news for fans of stuff that reeks of awesomeness, as Sony has officially set the release date for Pixeljunk Shooter. The Q-Games developed title will land on PlayStation Network in both North America and Europe next week on December 10th. No word yet on pricing, but Q-Games director Dylan Cuthbert replied to a post asking if the game would be $9.99 or $14.99 by saying, “I’m pretty sure it will be the cheaper of those two pricepoints.”

In related news, it seems Final Fantasy XIII is becoming Japan’s version of Modern Warfare 2, as Pixeljunk Shooter will not be released in Japan until December 24th. Cuthbert on his Twitter page said, “Yes, the Japanese release date is delayed a bit so as not to collide with the Final Fantasy steamroller!”, and went on to tweet that “no one in Japan will be switching on their PS3s before FF is released :)”.

Anyone else think they might’ve sold more if they released alongside FFXIII? Imagine this: about a million Japanese gamers will get home with their games on launch day, turn on their PS3’s, and what is the first thing they will see? An advertisement for all of the hot items on the PlayStation Network, and right front and center could potentially be a picture of the new Pixeljunk game. Hey, it could work.