Edge of Twilight still kicking, but not in active development

Rumors started circulating yesterday when several former employees of Fuzzyeyes Studios, the people behind the upcoming Steampunk fantasy RPG Edge of Twilight, claimed that the game’s development had ceased entirely several months ago, making it sound like the title had been canceled, the studio shut down, or both. It turns out the rumor regarding the game’s frozen development is true, but Fuzzyeyes says the game is not being canceled, and is still planned for an eventual release, just not anytime soon.

Destructoid reports that the game’s progress has been suspended due to unspecified development issues, and is not expected to resume development until mid-January. I dare not speculate what kind of issues the developer is experiencing, but at least it’s comforting to know that the title will see the light of day. Edge of Twilight looks pretty impressive from what we’ve seen so far, so we’ll be keeping an eye on any further updates on the game’s progress.