Gaijin Games and Robotube to make Blip Festival-inspired game in 24 hours

We’ve already told you about Blip Festival, the 3-day chiptune music extravaganza that’s coming back to New York City in just two short weeks. But I bet you never expected that the festival would be getting its own game. Blip Fest sponsors and creators of the Bit.Trip series Gaijin Games have announced that they will be teaming up with Robotube (Bloktonik, Zyrx) to create a game inspired by the world-famous micromusic meet-up in just one day.

The two studios have said that they will attempt to create their Blip tribute game, entitled “Battle of the Brands,” while at this year’s Blip Festival, and present the results to the public when finished, regardless of how horrible it may turn out. Gaijin has considerable ties to New York’s chiptune scene, having already featured music by Bit Shifter and Nullsleep, two of its most prominent artists, in their Bit.Trip series of games, so I’m pretty confident that 24 hours is all they’ll need to make something neat.

Blip Festival 2009 is December 17-19th at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY.