Gran Turismo 5 demo isn’t actually a demo but is a demo, wait what

Exactly two weeks from today will mark the beginning of Gran Turismo Academy 2010 and with it will come a demo of Gran Turismo 5. Or will it? It seems that there is some mounting confusing going around as the demo in question has been described by Sony as a “self contained demo containing GT5 code.” What that actually means is that the “demo” is not actually a demo at all and instead is a mini-time trial game that will be used to qualify players for the GT Academy starting Dec 17.

While this “demo” isn’t a direct demo of GT5, the mini-game will offer up a brief insight into how the game will play since it is based off of GT5. The demo features the Nissan 370Z where you’ll play a time-trial run that then will be used as the qualifier for this year’s GT Academy. So GT fans don’t get too excited just yet as this isn’t an official demo for the game and the its release is still a ways off.