inFAMOUS gets price drop, free DLC

inFAMOUS was pretty cool, right? So maybe you weren’t the all-powerful superhero you dreamt of being. Even if bullets were your only weakness and chain link fences your arch-nemeses, it was still buckets of fun shockwaving Dusk Men off rooftops and electrocuting the snot out of everything and everyone that could hold a charge. Still not sure how I feel about that love interest though.

If you have no idea what I’m babbling about, then you must not have had a chance to play Sucker Punch’s latest. Looks like somebody wants to give you that chance, because as of right now you can pick up inFAMOUS for a cool $39.99, or $20 off the previous price. On top of that, some DLC will be coming to PSN come Dec. 10 that will add Gigawatt Blades to Cole’s electric arsenal that are sure to improve his hand-to-hand combat skills. While that might not seem like much for downloadable content, it’s just the right amount for the cost, which in case you missed the headline, is free. Happy Holidays.