Max Payne 3 kicks into bullet time and slows down release

The announcement of Max Payne 3 way back when was met with mixed reactions about how the game was going to end up, with Max’s new unexpected look and all. No matter what your take on the third entry into the series, you can’t really justify it until the game’s release, and it looks like we’ll all be waiting a bit longer to do that — the game has been delayed until some time between August 1 and October 31, 2010.

That’s a big jump for a game that was originally expected this holiday season, though it probably shouldn’t be that unexpected as Rockstar Vancouver has shown off next to nothing of the game since its announcement, and we haven’t heard hide nor hair of it for a few months now. We’ll all just have to wait to experience fat Max diving through the air in slow motion. Assuming he still can.