PSPgo “will die” unless Sony makes downloadable games cheaper

While speaking at the Developer Jury Service, Jon Burton, founder of developer Traveller’s Tales, questioned how long Sony’s download-only PSPgo handheld will last if UMD games are still cheaper to buy than downloadable titles.

“I own a PSPgo but don’t want to buy LittleBigPlanet, for instance, as I can get it 20 per cent cheaper on UMD from Amazon and could resell it once I’m finished with it,” Burton said. “But if I download it, I get no discount, and no chance to resell – how annoying is that?” He went on to add, “I’m betting on Sony making PSPgo games much cheaper than the UMD versions, or the PSPgo will die.”

Saying the system will is a bold statement for sure. Thoughts? Cheaper games will always be nice but does Sony need to make the PSPgo’s downloadable games cheaper for it to survive?